Know where you stand, see where you're going.

With several financial interests all performing differently, seeing where you stand collectively can be difficult.
Nettshell is a simple platform you can use to populate trackers for each of your financial interests.
Then with one simple click of the "show me in a nutshell" button Nettshell will create one graph showing
you where you stand collectively right now, and what that means for your future.
Know where you stand, see where you're going, view your collective financial position in a Nettshell.
Creating a Nettshell profile is quick and easy
Simply fill in the blanks below then press the Nettshell button to see your collective financial position and projected outcomes in a Nettshell!

1st Person

This is your superannuation contribution. Superannuation = Annual Salary x Superannuation Guarantee Contribution (SGC). If you contribute extra, enter the total $ amount that you contribute.
2nd Person


This automatically defaults to 65. You can change this figure at any time to reflect your circumstances.

This is your choice. The default figure = 2/3 of your current annual salary, which generally allows you to maintain your pre-retirement lifestyle.

As a guide, the younger you are the more risk you can take. But go with what level of risk you are comfortable with.
Low Medium High







Show me my collective position and projections in a "Nettshell"
MUG after Retirement line
Super Annuation
Home Value
Home Loan
Invest Property
Investment Loan
Graph explained
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